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Balsam Chutes Road Association at a Glance

Located on the outskirts of Port Sydney, Balsam Chutes Road is a three kilometre, privately maintained road, that connects two municipal roads. It meanders parallel to the Muskoka River. 

The road has been in existence since the early 1970s, and was incorporated as a not-for-profit in 1997. As a private road, the residents are responsible for all maintenance and upkeep. Thus, each of the over 150 property owners pays a yearly fee. 

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Yearly Road Fees

Yearly fees allow for the necessary construction and maintenance that keeps our lovely road drivable. It has also allowed us to make substantial improvements, such as bringing in fibre optic internet. Road maintenance is pertinent as it allows safe access for emergency services (i.e; ambulance, fire)

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Current Board Executives



The current Board of Executives is made up of volunteer property owners, who work hard to ensure the road remains functional for all who use it. This includes coordinating snow removal in the winter, and grading & maintenance in the summer. As well as a variety of other tasks. 

If you are interested in joining the team, please let us know below!

Making Notes


Each year we host an Annual General Meeting for anyone from the road, to review the year and determine what should be focused on for the upcoming 12 months. Notes from past meetings can be found here. 

2021 Annual General Meeting will be held via Zoom Sunday September 26, 2021-11:00 am. To participate in the AGM you must be a member in good standing. Contact for passcode.If you have any thing you'd like addressed in the upcoming meeting, please let us know below. 


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