Balsam Chutes Road Association
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About Balsam Chutes Road Association
Located on the outskirts of Port Sydney, Balsam Chutes Road is a three kilometer, privately maintained road, that connects two municipal roads. It meanders parallel to the Muskoka River and provides access to the picturesque, Balsam Chutes.

The road has been in existence since the early 1970's, and the road association was incorporated as a non-for-profit organization in 1997. As  a private road, the residents are responsible for its maintenance and upkeep in its entirety. Thus, each of the over 150 property owners pays a yearly fee. (For more about fees, please see the Information page.)

The volunteer, board executive is comprised of: a president, a secretary, a treasurer, and 7 directors, all of whom are residents in good standing and whom are voted in by the general membership for a two year term. It is their responsibility to see to the road. For the past five years the board has been working towards three objectives: their primary goal is accountability and fee collections. Their secondary goal is road maintenance and upgrading. And their third goal is to create a sense of community.
Current Board Executive
Jason McBride, President
Cindy Warby, Treasurer
Linnea Barfoot, Secretary
Jake Provost, Director
Steve Crowell, Director
Sylvia Iden, Director
Luke Seward,Director

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